Anchor Homes modular range brochure download

The modular range brochure 

Are you looking to build an exceptional modular home which suits the needs of you and your family? 

For more than 25 years, Anchor Homes has been providing high-quality, cutting-edge, sustainable and innovative building solutions to Australian families. Whether you live in the city or you reside in country coastal areas, we have a range of sustainable urban homes to suit your every need.

This brochure includes-

  • A range of 30+ design features and facades which can be amended to suit your needs. 
  • Our dedication to creating eco-friendly and sustainable homes 
  • Our construction methodology and client experience 
  • Step by step process to building with Anchor Homes
  • Tips on finding land and obtaining finance
  • All our standard inclusions (which are high in standards in comparison to others)


Anchor Homes modular home range brochure download